SIDDHI, Sanskrit for “success,” provides knowledge, execution, and support for entrepreneurial food and beverage brands determined to achieve success in the competitive food and beverage landscape.

Helping you take your shot at success

About Siddhi

Siddhi Shot Corp. is a strategic advisory firm devoted exclusively to providing knowledge, execution and support for entrepreneurial food and beverage brands determined to achieve success in the competitive food and beverage industry landscape and the investors behind those brands that share their vision and desire to protect their investment. 

From conceptualization to commercialization, gain in market share, or acquisition positioning, Siddhi Shot leverages its broad experience and network of relationships to offer brands and their investors a 360-degree view of where the brand is, what the brand’s opportunities are, creative yet practical strategies to capitalize on them, and targeted mechanisms for implementation and execution.

Our Services

Offering much-needed hard-to-find operational support to emerging and developing brands, Siddhi Shot’s core brand services include:

  • Internal manufacturing structure and assessment
  • Evaluating and increasing operational efficiency
  • Co-packing and co-manufacturing sourcing and vetting
  • Sourcing of raw materials, packaging and manufacturing equipment
  • Manufacturing growth strategy and planning
  • Quality control
  • Food safety/security auditing and compliance, including ensuring HACCP compliance and implementing SQF protocols
  • Internal operations and logistics setup and flow

Siddhi Shot offers ancillary brand services to accommodate the needs of any growing food business, including:

  • Reporting structure and organizational hierarchy design
  • Company “personality” and culture assessment and cultivation
  • Strategic brand growth modeling
  • Financial modeling for investment or business planning
  • Contract negotiation in cooperation with legal advisor(s)
  • Interim COO or VP of Manufacturing services
  • Brand partner identification and cultivation

Investor services offered by Siddhi Shot include:

  • 360-degree due diligence and forecasting on such matters as:
    • Identification of brand identity within the marketplace
    • Market share
    • Competitive analysis
    • Identification of operational efficiencies and inefficiencies
    • Growth opportunities
    • Identification of operational hurdles
    • Capital needs and recommended use of funds
    • Exit strategies and horizons
  • Interim CEO, COO services
  • Board of Director/Advisor services
  • Project management