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Melissa Facchina is the founder and CEO of Siddhi Shot Corp, a strategic advisory firm devoted exclusively to providing knowledge, execution and support for entrepreneurial food and beverage brands determined to achieve success in the competitive food and beverage industry landscape and the investors behind those brands that share their vision and desire to protect their investment. In 2016 she was honored by APICS (The American Production Inventory Control Society) as one of the top Women in Manufacturing.

She boasts extensive manufacturing and operations experience, cultivated from an early age through hands-on observation of strategy, planning and execution at Johanna Foods, Inc., one of the country’s largest dairy and beverage companies, housing such brands as La Yogurt, Tree Ripe, Earth Wise and Ssips, in some of the most state-of-the-art facilities in the business. From hand-palletizing yogurt containers at an early age, to managing top strategic accounts, Facchina has handled all facets of scaling a privately-held food and beverage business.  Her responsibilities included running the Kosher and Organic programs for some of the nation’s leading yogurt and juice brands and 800+ private label lines, monitoring food safety and security compliance for three of the leading manufacturing facilities in the industry, assessment and optimization of operational efficiencies company-wide, raw material and packaging sourcing, supplier approval and facility audits. Facchina is HACCP certified and is an SQF Practitioner through the Global Food Safety Initiative (GFSI) and is experienced with the organic, kosher halal, and non-GMO project-verified certification processes. 

Working directly with Force Brands, she rounded out her operational, strategy, sales and management skill set with experience handling executive recruiting, retention and human resources matters for a variety of food and beverage companies, evaluating and fulfilling the management and operational needs of emerging and established brands by staffing upper management and operational personnel.  

As the food and beverage industry began changing to a less centralized, anti-conglomerate mentality, and opportunities for smaller, natural and organic, entrepreneurial brands started expanding, she realized there was a gap in support for brands on operational matters and for the investors that sponsor them.  As a result, Facchina launched her own strategic advisory firm. From conceptualization to commercialization, gain in market share, or acquisition positioning, Siddhi Shot leverages its broad experience and network of relationships to offer brands and their investors a 360-degree view of where the brand is, what the brand’s opportunities are, creative yet practical strategies to capitalize on them, and targeted mechanisms for implementation and execution.